We have been breeding Golden Retrievers since 2000.  Here are a few facts we want you to know, and a few questions people have asked.

​1)  Why Golden Retrievers?

Ellen and I have always been dog lovers.  Our first child after marriage was a little black miniature schnauzer / poodle mix.   In 54 years, we have never been without at least one dog since.  When we made the decision to breed dogs, we did a lot of research into various breeds.  Of course since our plan was to sell puppies, it had to be a popular breed.  But since we had small grandchildren at the time, and they had friends over often, it HAD TO BE a breed that would always without exception be safe with small children,even if children were mistreating the dog. 

​2)  How do you assure that the puppies you have don't have health issues?  

​Both Parents, and often grandparents are on site for your inspection.  The saying that the apple falls close to the tree is right on, when it comes to dogs and puppies.  

​All adult dogs are kept current with inoculations, since mother dogs pass along immunity to the puppies for the first few weeks... after which we begin the puppies on their own inoculation schedule. 

We go to great lengths to make sure our puppies are not exposed to the various viral and bacterial contaminates that cause most health issues in young puppies.  All expectant mother dogs are placed in the sterilized, air conditioned 24' by 8' partially covered kennel, at least a week before puppies are born.  She stays there with her puppies until the last one is re-homed.  She has no contact with the ground during this ime, and neither do the puppies.  

​We always sterilize our feet with bleach and use hand sanitizer before entering the kennel. And we clean the kennel regularly.  

​3)  We help you along the way.

When you purchase a puppy, you will be furnished health / inoculation records, and recommendations to help you raise a healthy dog.  We are always around to help. You are also provided 30 days health insurance , compliments of the AKC, when you register your puppy and microchip in your name. 

Don's Goldens