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Don's Goldens


On Sept. 29, 2019 .  Buttercup (Butter) had Girls (5), Boys (2)   These will all be long haired beauties.  Butter is about 60 pounds and dad (Big Tex) is 100+ pounds.  Tex is the large beautiful Golden Retriever on the opening page, In front of the sofa.

Then, on Oct. 4, 2019, Peach Blossom (Peaches) surprised us with 3 girls.  Tex is also the father of these big girls..  we will be retiring Peaches to a full time couch dog. Peaches is a large female, weighing about 80 pounds.  

On Oct. 6, Sunshine and Tex presented us with 4 more boys and 5 more girls.   Sunshine is medium sized at about 65 pounds.  

All puppies are priced at $1200, which includes up to date inoculations, regular worming, and microchipped.  Deposit is 50%, which holds your puppy until you pick him / her up.    Initial health insurance and first vet visit is provided at no cost to you by the AKC, when you register the puppy in you name.  Full registration is provided, which means you may breed your dog if you so choose.  Puppies do need to stay with the litter and mother until at least 7 weeks of age.  They will stay with their mothers until they go home, even if they are a little older.  

Puppies begin sharing solid food with their mothers when they are 3 weeks old, and are large enough and active enough by then to be handled, chosen, and wear a color coded collar to identify the puppy you choose from among their siblings.  

In all the 20+ years we have bred Golden Retrievers, our experience has been that each litter of puppies look almost identical at a given young age.  (Especially so when they all have the same father.)  Therefore, these puppies, (when old enough to make a good photo)  will look just exactly like the others shown throughout this web site.  

All our puppies are registered pure bred AKC Golden Retriever puppies, with unlimited registration.  We also microchip every puppy for you.  You simply register that microcjhip in your name.

By the way, and this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT... our puppies and their mothers are completely isolated from the ground.  Each of our mother dogs go into an 8ft X 32ft sheltered, off ground kennel before giving birth, and all stay there until the last puppy is re-homed.  We even walk through bleach and sanitize hands each time BEFORE we enter the kennel.  Every yard, all soil, all driveways... anyplace people and animals can walk, are contaminated with viruses and bacteria which are potentially dangerous to young puppies which have not by 13 weeks of age, completed a series of 3 or more inoculations.  Some of these viruses can live 6 years or longer in the soil. Since puppies acquire resistance from mothers’ first few days of milk, they are usually initially protected from killer diseases.... BUT their resistance has worn off by just about the age of 6 weeks, enough that they can begin getting inoculations to build up their resistance, permanently.   Therefore if you take a puppy home from a contaminated environment, they might be contaminated but not yet showing symptoms when they go home.  Just so you know.

Call me with our questions.  I prefer personal checks for deposits.  

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